Monday, October 22, 2012

Music to My Eyes

Monday October 22 2012 

I have been waiting for this day for a loooong time. Many times during the long hot dry summer, the song of winter played in my head, and I dreamed at nights and imagined during the days: rain, cold, snow.

Today, I got them all at once!

The herd lined up butts to the weather as the cold wind pushed the clouds down from the Owyhee mountains and the cold rain started its glorious descent from the heavens.

Luna still does not know what to do with herself in the rain. She kind of likes it… but she kind of doesn't. (She's the same with water from the hose - when Jose comes up to get a bath, she watches and kind of wants to get sprayed a little bit… but then she doesn't.) She ran around in circles, tried to crawl under the hay feeder, backed up into horses and kicked at them, and pestered Tex for a while.
[slide show here]

Luna was later worn out from her pro/anti-rain demonstrations, and rested in view of the snow-kissed Owyhees, as another storm headed this way.

Jose and Tex celebrated the fine turn of weather events with a bit of Owyhee Gladiator wrestling.
[slide show here]

It was a great day in Owyhee, and the forecast for the week looks delicious!


  1. Winter: you can have ALL of mine. Bah.

    At least it's only raining here. I don't have to shovel rain.

  2. hmmm, you have a strangely positive attitude to winter! Do you have to get reminded of this in January?

  3. Such glorious photos! It (almost) makes me look forward to winter! The horses' joy is so wonderful to see!

  4. Aarene, send it ALL to ME!!!!
    Martine, you don't have to remind me, I will remind all of you in my snow/winter glee dance middle of January!
    Linda, I think you meant to capitalize ALMOST.
    : )

  5. After such a dry three months, a little moisture is welcome. Just wish it didn't mean mud! Luna sure is growing!

  6. I'm looking forward to rain, but we haven't had more than a smidgen so far. There is a little snow in the mountains. The horses always seem to love the first snowflakes. It's a signal for winter playtime.

  7. Luna reminds me of baby Khaliq. They are just so funny to watch, though I think Khaliq likes the water quite a lot. Love the laying down photo.