Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tough Sucker I Vet In

Sunday April 8 2012

Time for the first local endurance ride of the season: reuniting with old friends and my heart horse, Jose, and yes I was wearing his vest!

Here's a little movie I put together of the vetting in. In the next day's ride, I wore a helmet cam! Movie of that coming up next.


  1. Fun video! Looking forward to helmet cam from the ride.

  2. Looks like a great start. I am so looking forward to the helmet cam!

    Love how alert Jose is and so interested in everything that's going on. There is a definite sparkle in his eyes.

  3. Loved the soundtrack you picked.

  4. Yes. The sound track was marvelous and it was nice seeing you Connie, and that scene where the dog takes the lead was great.

  5. Oh my goodness! How cool was that video?!
    I've only worked Vet Check and done P & R's once, but it was so interesting to see it from the outside, looking in, too.
    The dog leading the cute! lol!
    Good 'ol Jose. He's always so observant of everything.
    How awesome to have a ride manager offer up her home as base camp for an endurance ride, too.
    Gotta get poor Regina a whistle, bell or amplifier. lol!