Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Owyhee Tough Sucker Loop 2

Saturday April 7 2012

Here's a video of the second 25 miles of the Owyhee Tough Sucker I endurance ride, along the Oregon Trail, around Wild Horse Butte, and along the Snake River.

Another 50 miles completed for Jose and the Raven - that puts Jose only 100 miles away from 2000 miles!

Go Jose!

More photos and videos on the Tough Sucker ride page on


  1. Thanks so much for a great ride!!

    Those shadow shots were great. I could see how well Jose was moving too, aside from the dramatic artistry. *S*

    Congratulations on a great score. And it looks like you came in 8th? Super.

  2. Wow! Awesome video! Did you get yourself a Go Pro?? Cool beans!!

    Way to go Jose...and you, too!


  3. Boss Steph got a goPro for - we're having fun learning how to create videos!

  4. Love this 2nd loop video also! And Jose has FLUFFY FEET!!! I thought Ali'i was fluffy!! You could tie up their tails and they'd both look like Mini Belgiums!! Or at least in their shadows. What fun. I love the terrain and the wagon ruts. How cool is that????

  5. Love the music....and the vid!

  6. These are great, Merri! I want a helmet-cam!

  7. Hey Merri, enjoy your great adventures! tina