Thursday, April 5, 2012

Catch Up

Thursday April 5 2012

• 4000 mile road trip - wheeeee! Trying to get the kinks out of the legs and butt.

• Coverage of the USA Endurance Team Trial in hot, humid Texas. (See coverage, stories, and photos here.) 

• Dead computer to deal with. Fortunately, I am religious about backing up data because of just such disasters, and I had almost everything backed up!

• Borrowed computer work: writing up ride stories, trying to catch up on email, but I think now for real I am forever in an email Black Hole catch-up-deficit.

• Unpacking the suitcases, packing the horse trailer, getting ready for our local first endurance ride on Saturday, on my  horse Jose (and yes, I'll be wearing his vest!)


  1. I hate computers too!

    Sounds like you're busy as usual. Have a great time at the event and riding Jose.

  2. I think I'm out of breath just reading about your activities.

    Enjoy the wonderful ride on even more wonderful Jose!! And, Happy Easter!

  3. Can you please show us a picture of you in your vest with Jose?

  4. Squishy, you can see most of the vest, half of Jose, and part of me here: I don't want to show TOO much of me, because it's all about Jose and The Vest! haha