Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tree Hugger!

Thursday April 21 2011

"Tree Hugger" isn't always a friendly moniker. To those who use it derogatorily, I challenge you: have you ever tried it?

Get out into the forest, put your arms around a big old tree (if you can still find one), and give it a hug. Put your nose against its bark and inhale its scent. Feel the tree and its place in the forest, feel its life and all it has seen. Think what the world would be like if all these big old keepers of the forest were gone.

Go on, hug a tree. I dare ya.


  1. I'm definitely a "hugger". When my favorite old trail tree was blown down by high winds i honestly cried. It was the biggest tree on the park trail system, made me so sad to see it go. ~E.G.

  2. I'm not exactly a tree hugger but I love trees and flowers. It's a shame that they take these old trees down for no good reasons I can think of. I feel the world had better start taking care of its environment and soon before it's too late.

  3. Tree hugging is not a hard skill to master...done it more than once myself.

    The real question is: How do you catch an owl????????????????????!

  4. I am pretty brutally practical and unspiritual, except for when I hug trees. I swear you can feel the energy of the tree coursing up through it. It's amazing :)

  5. I'm not exactly a tree hugger either...but I do love trees. Especially since I live in the desert. I miss all the big shade trees we had when I lived back east. I also think we could all be better stewards of our planet.

  6. No, but I've bussed a bush...:-)