Thursday, April 7, 2011

Here's to Bromance

Thursday April 7 2011

While some things have changed, not much has really changed since Tex (now named Ted, but Stormy still calls him Tex) arrived on the Owyhee scene a year ago.

As we saw in BFFs and The Bromance Continues and Mutt and Jeff, Stormy and Tex still continue to be Best Buds.

Tex doesn't worry so much when Stormy goes off on a rare ride, and Stormy just eats while Tex is away on a trail ride learning to be an endurance horse, but when they're back in the same pasture, Tex is never far from Stormy's side.

Maybe it's their shared sports background (the racetrack) that makes this Bromance work. Maybe they were together in a former life. Or maybe they were just meant to be together in this one.

[Slide show here]


  1. They are definitely a cute pair. I do like that they don't suffer from separation anxiety, though. That can be a real problem, but these guys seem to possess enough individual self-confidence to do just fine alone.

    Once again, I love the pictures.

  2. They do seem to have a friendship that was meant to be.
    Great photos of them hanging out together.

  3. Samatar is extremely jealous when I showed him