Friday, April 29, 2011

Enough Already

Friday April 29 2011

Really, it's not ME saying this, but the horses. As I said, I scoffed at the night's forecast of snow (decreased to 50% chance, and stars in the sky when I went to bed), but I woke up to a thin powder of white on the ground, and thick flakes falling fast and furiously sideways from a gale.

I threw on my winter gear - as yet not packed away for treats circumstances like these - and danced out into the snow.

The horses, however, were clearly not happy.

Krusty kept following me (as I was backing into the wind), his head cocked sideways, looking bewildered, Help!

Jose came up to me and shoved me with his head, Make it stop!

Stormy was shivering rather violently in the cutting wind, ripping at the hay in the feeder.

The whole herd was jumpy, mad,

whirling and bolting,

trotting into the wind with heads down and ears pinned,

then whipping around to turn tail to the wind,

chasing each other with bared teeth and grumpy faces.

The snow was so thick at times my camera would not focus.

I am sure Mother Nature did this one last spring/summer snowfall just for me, because only I can appreciate it fully (thanks, Mother Nature!). But pretty much everyone else says, Enough Already!


  1. Wow, I think I would be as fed up as the horses are about now.

  2. I love somebody else's backyard! :)

  3. Wow... definitely glad I'm not out there! *shiver*

  4. Wow, I would like to think you photoshopped those pictures, but I fear not....more than enough already.

    Poor horses. They must have been cold.

  5. Crazy Spring! Poor horses.

    Yesterday it was 75 degrees here. I wore a t-shirt all day.
    We hadn't had any snow since February. I kinda thought we were done with winter.....
    Last night the temps dropped down into the 40's and we woke up this morning to snow...and it's still falling and blowing. Brr!
    Winter's last hurrah??

    Sure hope so!