Saturday, February 5, 2011

Springdale Romp Day 2 - No Wimps Here

Saturday February 5 2011

Ride Manager Ray Sansom summed up day 2 of the Springdale Romp at the ride meeting/awards dinner: "The good news is: it's getting nicer! The bad news is: everything's leaking!"

It was almost balmy this morning, at 11*, but it was the absence of a gale that helped matters a lot. Still a breeze, and still biting cold, but if you survived yesterday, it was nothing. Sue Summers loaned me her Carharts for standing out on the desert shooting horses and riders, and boy did they feel good, though I still hunkered down in the car between riders.

It's not the weather keeping these hardy souls from riding in the Springdale Romp; it's the weather still keeping many from getting here. People are still calling and emailing the Sansoms and saying, "We're still planning to come! We're still trying to get out!" A couple of people arrived late at night. Some will probably wait till Monday for the start of the second 3-day (it's actually two separate 3-day rides; Thursday-Friday-Saturday was the first; Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday is the second; 35 and 50 or 55 miles each day).

8 of 9 finished the LD, and 17 of about 19 finished the 55 miler.

Many more photos from the day at:


  1. Ha-ha! Now we all know the real meaning of endurance. I think you deserve an award for taking photos in that freezing cold! The pics of that icy water crossing made my bones shiver!!!

  2. Why were you "shooting" horses and riders?......oh, you mean with a camera....*evil grin*

    Once again, some great pictures of some incredibly determined riders. Glad it's going well despite the cold.

  3. Great pictures--I'm glad you got out there and took them for us. It's inspiring to see people ride in the cold, and I think I'm going to get out there and do some myself!!!

  4. Beautiful photos! What breed is the lovely black horse wearing the blue tack? Karen W.

  5. Hi Karen,
    the black horse is a Tennessee Walker. she's gorgeous!