Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Tuesday February 8 2011

You all know: I hate being hot. I love the cold. I love winter. The cold is refreshing, bracing.

But let me clarify.

I love being able to stay comfortable when it's cold.

If it takes me wearing ten layers of clothing to stay comfortable, I'll do it. If I can't wear enough to keep me comfortable, and I am beyond cold, then it hurts. I don't like to hurt. That's when it's just too cold for me.

There, I said it.

So, lest it sound like I would have been one of those hardy, intrepid endurance riders on Day 1 of the Springdale Romp, in the 5*F degree, -6*F wind chill day, I will admit, I would not have been.

I guess it's all what you psyche yourself up for. The Tough Sucker ride we did in Idaho in April was pretty dang chilly. Hearing the cold wind howl all night, and shivering when I got out of bed - even I almost wimped out then. I didn't though - I was psyched up for it to be cold, and usually, once you actually get out and get riding, you warm up. I did warm up that day and stayed comfortable in the cold, and enjoyed it.

As Tennessee Mahoney said after they arrived at the Springdale Romp after a harrowing drive, "We risked our lives getting here, I'm riding all 6 days!" She probably didn't feel the hurt as much as she would have if the ride was in her back yard and she hadn't had to work hard to get there (but then again, maybe she would have, Tennessee is pretty hardy.) I know that I would have wimped out of riding that first day (and maybe the second).

For those of you including me in those 'incredibly determined' and 'inspiring' categories, you can call me a wuss. I love the cold. But not THAT much cold.

Having said that, I'm headed for more cold right now.


A week in mid-winter. Cold, snow...

and a place to warm up between the snow dances.



  1. OK, you wuss....*lol* I too hate being so cold I can't get warm.

    I do admit to having ridden in the bitter cold myself years ago. I had all kinds of underlayers, etc so I'd manage just fine. But age--mine--has taught me to be wiser.

    Hope Montana does well by you. Maybe you'll hit a warm spell there.

  2. Does this mean the Ice Princess is headed back to the northland??? If so it ought to warm up fast now....