Friday, February 4, 2011

Springdale Romp Day 1

Thursday February 3 2011

Those weathermen missed the low temperature forecast. It wasn't 9 degrees F, it was 5*F. The windchill was -9*F. (They broke a record here.) You couldn't recognize some riders because they had facemasks on, or hoodies pulled down to a tight tiny circle to peek through. Mount Graham, at 10,700 feet in the Pinaleno Mountains to the southwest, imitated Mount Everest with blowing snow whipping off the peak.

But most of the intrepid riders who signed up the night before climbed on their horses for the 8 (50 milers) or 9 AM (35 milers) start. all the 13 LD riders finished, and about 17 of 20 finished the 50.

Did I say Intrepid??

The temperature is supposed to get up to the high 40's tomorrow - that's practically balmy!

Many more photos at:


  1. Intrepid may well understate...I couldn't even ride for 15 minutes in that kind of weather, let alone 35-50 miles. You guys are beyond words.

  2. My hubby rode the 50 yesturday. He said it wasn't that bad after the first 25 miles. :) He's happy that it's supposed to be warmer today. You took some great photos!

  3. I can just imagine the wind chill on a fast trot in that temp! BRRRRR!!

  4. I'm cold just looking at the pictures!
    How did folks keep their hands warm enough so they could feel the reins?