Monday, July 26, 2010

Tevis: conquered again!

Monday July 26 2010

(Via iPhone)

we're on our way home from tevis. All 5 Idaho riders finished again... 6 if you count The Raven, who rode with Nick Warhol and don. Our horses were amazing - they must be to finish this ride. Our crewing left a little to be desired at the first vet check but it was good by the second one. Nance and steph finished with 17 minutes to spare - it was slightly nerve wracking as we waited at the finish line at 4:45am with the clock ticking down to 5:15 cutoff time!

Many times during the day I wish I had ridden; many times I was glad I didn't!

Photos and stories to come


  1. I've been following along and it all seems so exciting. Glad everyone finished and did well.

  2. I'm so glad I got to meet you! Glad all the ID riders finished.

  3. Bet you'll be glad to get home where things are a little less nerve wracking. Good for the Idaho horses and riders!

  4. Congratulations everyone. I too was following on the Tevis site. Hope the Raven enjoyed the tour, I see he finished in the middle.

    To have all your riders finish is a tribute to you all--crews and competitors. It was an amazing feat.

  5. Great blog! Check out another horsey blog:

  6. Great Job all..good riding and whew!