Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Bromance Continues

Thursday July 1 2010

Little Tex still likes hanging around his big pal Stormy. He follows him everywhere.

Today Steph rode Tex out on his first trail ride (ever, we think), and his pal Stormy escorted him.

Stormy went beside Tex,

followed him,

led him,

and had a conference with him.

Tex did pretty good with the big, confident, calm (some might say: lazy), experienced former racehorse accompanying him every step of the way.

Remember the pictures of those handsome athletic muscle-bound guy pals Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey having a great time running and cycling around the town?

These handsome athletic muscle-bound guy pals Stormy and Tex hitting the trails around Owyhee kind of remind you of Lance and Matthew.

Or... well, maybe "Mutt and Jeff," Steph said.


  1. Cute pair of guys, for sure!

  2. Very cute. Everyone likes to have a best bud.

  3. I love seeing good friends so happy together. What lucky boys to be able to share time together like that.

  4. Mutt and Jeff... hah. No indeed, I like the Lance and Mattew image much better! Everybody should have a soul buddy... even horses.

  5. they look like serious "buds"

    happy trails

  6. Matthew M......swoon! He's so darn hot!

    Great pics of Tex and Stormy, too. Looks like they were a great help to one another. BFF's!