Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Morning Dance

Wednesday July 14 2010

They come down the canyon in the Owyhee morning, running, romping, rollicking, taking turns winning the sprint to the house. They are the lucky ones, with all this room to roam.

They are a feast for the eyes, a reason to give thanks for another day.

We are the lucky ones.


  1. They are SO lucky to have all that room to roam. My Boys have perhaps 3 acres. I'd probably lose them in all your land. *G* Though the lure to breakfast can be quite potent. *lol*

    Love your action shots. The herd is dynamic, that's for sure!

  2. Absolutely beautiful. It's like a scene from a movie.

  3. I would love to let my horse have so much room!

    Horsey Mecca!

    Dudley needs lipo :)

  4. That first photo took my breath away... great shots and your horses are lucky, like mine. Although I think my mustang would like your country better as he came from high desert country.