Saturday, July 24, 2010

tevis: And they're off!

Vetting in yesterday went smoothly. One vet scribe said "no drama. It's boring!

Some good horses and riders here. Lordy you should've seen heraldic and John crandell trot out! "that horse is a phenomenon" someone said.

Barbara white is riding for her 30th buckle!

It's 5:39am, the riders are on the trail, and we crews are on our way to the first vet check at Robinson flat (after packing the trucks and car, then unloding, repacking,reloading, shuffling around, repacking,etc). It's 36 miles by trail, but we have to drive all the way to auburn (the finish) and then backtrack - probably 150+ miles of driving. We expect to see our Idaho riders sometime around 11am. You can follow riders by number ( somewhat) live on the tevis webcast page - see my previous blog entry.

Dust is already thick in the air and it's supposed to be a hot one.

The Raven is riding with Nick Warhol and forever dawn!

I'll try to blog updates but it's a pain typing on an iPhone!! best to check - ridecamp (pix there too by iPhone) and the tevis page.

Till later- happy trails, and 'see you in auburn!'

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  1. Wow! Sounds so exciting! What a wonderful opportunity to be a part of!


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    Lots of hosesses compete in Tevis!