Monday, August 3, 2009

The Moral of the (Tevis) Story

Monday August 3 2009

: )))))))

(Notice my awesome, sleeping pony)

Stories coming...


  1. I am SO glad you decided to do the ride and got your buckle. I hope it was as magical at times as it can be for some of us. (between those moments of asking ourselves what ARE we thinking!)

    Well done! Well Done!

  2. I just *KNEW* when I saw the raven flying over the Mansfield arena at Robie Park that things were going to go well for you. You and Quinn did AWESOME!!! Congrats to you both! =)

  3. It was great riding with you for the short time I did (I was one of the two riders that you passed near elephant trunk/cougar rock when you were trying to catch up with your friends). Congrats!!!!!


  4. Merri, I love reading your stories, there are so many times I can commiserate with how you feel :). When I read you were going to do Tevis, I couldn't wait to hear your ride story. You go girl! I'm glad I can live vicariously thru your adventures (and don't have to brave the scary heights myself, lol). Bravo!
    Cindy (the endurance wannabe :))

  5. cue applause.... congrats... wow... you're my hero(ine)

    cid and gazi

  6. I was wondering how much recuperation time you'd need before posting up some stories and photos! Can't wait to hear all about your adventure.

  7. And note the HUGE grin! Bravo Merri!

  8. I only found your Blog just before Tevis - instantly loved it, and was rooting for you! Watched some riders pass through at Michigan Bluff & Foresthill but was probably too early to see you (oops, sorry!). HUGE KUDOS for competing and finishing - you have inspired me! Looking forward to more tales.....