Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Who's Watching the Kid

Tuesday August 25 2009

The setting was just about perfect this evening - sun angle just right, light perfect gold for August - when I heard Finneas whinnying toward up-canyon from his pen. The two visiting Canadian horses were looking up-canyon.

Oh - looked like everything was set up for a Sprint-In - time to run out with my camera!

I was 30 seconds too late - I was halfway out in the yard when Princess skidded to a stop at the pens in a cloud of dust. Here came Stormy after her - dang! I was in the wrong spot, and he was sprinting like a racehorse. Missed him! He came to a stop with Princess in the settling dust.

Wait - where's the baby??

I started walking out into the pasture... nothing! Princess was acting like she never had a baby, but Uncle Stormy was hollering toward the canyon.

Where's the baby!?

Finally, I see a cloud of dust - somebody is coming....

Kazam, running with his tail in the air...

one or two more horses, I didn't even notice who it was, because I was yelling,


Then over the hill she came, last, whinnying, sprinting, long legs spinning like daddy long legs, trying to keep up with her babysitters. Smokey ran through clouds of dust after her uncles, whinnying, Wait for meeeeeee!

She caught up to the whirling pile of snorting horseflesh by the pens, kicked up her heels at somebody, whinnied again, went up and sniffed Dudley and Kazam, then headed straight for mom (who never made a noise) and started nursing.

I guess the uncles took over the babysitting duties today and took the kid out for a spin.

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  1. This is great! I love the one where she is running past you all stretched out! How fun! You are so lucky to be able to witness this from your own front yard!