Friday, June 12, 2009

Fort Howes Day 2: It's All Mental

Sunday June 7 2009

This time, it rained all night, and turned to a dozen forms of precipitation, all of them involving some form of ice, till late afternoon. It turned the trails into a mire of treacherous footing. "A mental ride," a couple of riders said.

Despite the conditions, there were still lots of smiles from riders and crews, if not in happiness then from a sense of humor. People love this ride, and the Stevens who put it on, and they keep coming back to do it again.

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Here are some photos to give you the flavor of the day!

Julie Jackson-Biegert and Nitro, winner of the 100.

Oops! A slip on the slick ground.

Horse coming in to camp in the snow

Flurries in camp.

Heading back out into the snow!

Blankets off for trot outs.

Blankets back on immediately after - several blankets.

The snow turns back to sleet.

This rider was doing her and her horse's first 50. "I'm a wimp and I'm surprised I'm still going!" She was tickled with how much mud was all over her stirrups and legs. She finished the ride. Think of how enjoyable and easy all the rest of her endurance rides will be when she has good weather and terrain!

Still beautiful, despite the weather.

Horses bowed their heads moving into the blowing snow and rain.

Suzy Hayes and Tezero's Gold.

Trotting out for the vet.

This fellow came all the way from Texas but got kicked on the trailer, so he didn't get to ride. OBVIOUSLY he was bored. He kept pestering his pen-mates, trying to get someone to play with him.

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