Wednesday, June 10, 2009

2009 Fort Howes Endurance Ride - Day 1

Saturday June 6 2009

Mud, Anyone?

It rained all night, and just stopped for the start of the 75 mile ride at 6:30 AM. The skies stayed gray and threatening all day, though we lucked out and didn't get any rain. It was cool all day, and the temperature dropped to the low 40's (or less) by evening. Those who were clever enough to bring winter clothes stayed somewhat warm (lucky me!) and those who didn't think to bring muck boots got their riding shoes a bit muddy (unlucky me!).

If you want the full ride story, go to the Fort Howes page on

Here are a few photos from the gray - but quite pleasant and fun, and always beautiful - day.

10-year-old Granger Eichhorn riding his first 50 on his cute pony, with his dad, and trotting out at a vet check.

Two ladies on the 35.

No matter which way you pointed your lens, it was beautiful - even this little swamp!

Three gals having fun on the 75. Young Rider Kirsten Kimbler on the right finished 3rd.

A young rider at the vet check.

10-year-old Coletan MacLeod with his horse Zorro's SeaBiscuit, doing their first 50.

When you come to Montana, bring yer slickers! These 35-milers are prepared for the rain! (Which miraculously didn't come today.)

Jan Worthington (69 years old) and Leon coming in off their 3rd loop. Look how good Leon looks!

Three riders in the 50 sprint for the finish line.

Jan and Leon win the 75! Happy campers. Leon got Best Condition also.

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