Sunday, June 28, 2009

Almosta Bennett Hills Ride

Sunday June 28 2009

Steph pulled it off, putting on a 2-day endurance ride with a week's notice. Lynne White was going to have the Bennett Hills ride near Gooding, Idaho, but had to cancel Friday the week before. Steph wanted to RIDE, so she got with Lynne and they decided to put it on here, in our back yard. Steph scrambled to get the permits, and spent the week marking trails and playing with Google Earth and marking and googling.

I was a weenie with my smashed toe and didn't ride, but it was still a lovely weekend with good friends.

Here are some photos from the ride.

Bev G and Amazing Ku.

The out vet-check on Day 1.

Karen B and Thunder.

Janet T and her little mustang Ladybug! 60 starts in 6 seasons, and only 1 time did not finish and that was from being over time. Never a lameness or metabolic issue! Go Mustang!

Katelynn K did her first 25 mile endurance ride!

Rhett gets a bath.

50 Mile winners coming to the finish on Day 2.


  1. Wow, those are some absolutely GORGEOUS photos!!

  2. I gotta ask, did you see any ravens? Was this the only time you attended the Bennett Hills race? Great pictures!

  3. Thanks - and Mark, I am lucky enough that I get to see Ravens every day in Owyhee!!!