Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bandit Springs

Saturday July 19 2008

Well, I didn't find a horse to ride, but the Raven did ride along with Australian Melissa on the last 80 miles of the 100!

All the rides had over 75% finishers. Nance and Jazzbo finished the 100, and Bruce and Isabelle finished the 30. A little chihuahua ran off and was lost for half a day... and was found the next morning with an antelope chasing him down the road.

The weather was fabulous: a cool clear day, the trails were good. A few of the front runners in the 100 saw some wild horses in the morning.

Next year - I'll just have to try the trails myself on horseback (with the Raven). : )

For more on the ride - stories and pictures:

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