Tuesday, March 25, 2008

On The Road Again

Tuesday March 25 2008

Yes, it's that time. You know it's time for Steph to get going again, because she's been home for a whole 4 days. You know it's time for me to get going again, because the Raven is waiting in my backpack.

Steph and I are off to Spain today (well, that's the FIRST destination). Steph will be participating in Tierra Al-Andalus, a 10-day ride across Spain, (Lynne Glazer did a great job covering it last year - www.lynnesite.com/ ), and I'll be covering it.

I'm then staying on in Spain and Portugal for a couple more rides, while Steph jets off to Malaysia... and now the Crowned Prince of Bahrain has requested her presence for a ride in April. (..."my friend the King of Malaysia"... "my friend the Prince of Bahrain"...)

Meanwhile, Connie is staying here in Owyhee land to ride and play, and keep an eye on my horse, who is now, amazingly, tolerable friends with Finneas. I'll have to give Stormy a goodbye kiss and tell him I'll be back in 5 weeks... and he'll forgive me again when I get back.

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