Monday, December 25, 2006

Tree Crazy

Monday December 25 2006

Oh dear, Mike went tree-crazy on the property here; he’s planted a lot of pine trees. A LOT of pine trees. I told him they’ll be able to see this property from space, with all the green trees in the desert (and by the way, the trees came totally spray-painted an unearthly green, not sure why, maybe to fool buyers in this naturally tree-less desert that they are ultra healthy, desert-resistant trees?) They’re all 3-4 feet tall.

He planted a good number of them in the horse pen, and guess who started chewing the needles and bark off them? That Spice, she gets into everything, so I bet it was her. (Hmm, did the horses get fooled by that bright green spray paint which I hope was food coloring? Surely the pine needles and pine bark don’t taste that great.) Mike had to go put up an electric fence along most of the trees, to protect them.

The fence, however, wouldn’t reach around 2 of the trees. If you can still call them trees. Last evening as I went to throw hay to the horses, I saw the one tree is completely needle-less, and pretty much bark-less, and the other one has not only been stripped, but completely uprooted! Pulled out of the ground and laid down in the sand!

Gee, wonder who did that?

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