Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Stormy Christmas (And Woody Too)

Tuesday December 26 2006

I show up a day late bearing gifts.

Stormy is excited because he’s opened Christmas presents before, and he knows one of those boxes is for him. His buddy Woody gets a box too, but Woody hasn’t opened presents before, so when I toss his white box on the ground he wheels away in a start, and he bucks – Woody bucks! Woody has bad ringbone and he’s still lame (much improved over last year with special shoeing) and not so mobile, but he bucks and snorts and tosses his head and wheels back around and bucks again!

Stormy is already nosing his box to get it open, pushing it around, opening the flaps, shoving his nose inside for his Christmas Carrots and Christmas Stocking full of Horse Cookies!

Woody knows Stormy’s got some real goodies, so he decides to check out his scary box. He leans back but stretches his nose far forward to it, and once he smells his Christmas goodies inside, he is no longer afraid of a scary white box! He noses the box around, gets the flaps open, and digs in! Christmas treats!

They are like little kids, tearing open the present and they can’t stop stuffing their faces. Stormy finishes all his goodies first and he goes to check out Woody’s box. Though Woody is the boss of Stormy, he allows his friend to check out and share his box.

Goodies all finished, Woody turns over the box to make sure nothing is left.

It’s all gone and they run around and buck and kick while I haul the empty boxes away.

The boys have begun the countdown till the next Stormy Christmas: 364 days!

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