Friday, September 9, 2011

Sunny: The Healing Continues

Friday September 9 2011

We've been following Sunny's healing from her hind leg's battle with barbed wire on July 18.

I did an update through August 13 (Day #26), Amazing Healing.

The following is her steady progress since then. The pain has gone away and in fact, she spends a lot of time pacing and/or running her pen when the herd has left (she doesn't care about Perry, who's babysitting her - and in fact I had to move Perry to her own pen this week when I heard, then saw, Sunny outright attacking her!). Which has led to the latest problem: her sore hock. The bandage starts slipping down, and the wraps above the hock become tight, and have started cutting into the skin right above the top of the hock, and leaving the point of the hock swollen.

Last night for the first time, since the wound is looking so good (it's about half the original size now), I left her unbandaged. I figured it would be cool enough overnight that the flies would leave it alone. I hosed it a long time with water, dried it off and sprayed Shriner's spray on it, and a coating of fly spray. This morning I rewrapped it. I'll probably keep doing that - leave the wrap on 3-4 days, then leave it off a night. We'll have Dr Washington out to look at it one of these days... she still may need that lower flap of skin, and some proud flesh removed, but overall, she continues to heal marvelously and at an amazing pace - and still no sign of lameness.

Day 28:

Day 30:

Day 33:

Day 37:

Day 40 (see the bandage cuts above the hock and the swollen cap of the hock):

Day 42:

Day 47:

(today) Day 52:


  1. amazing. glad it is going so well.

  2. Schreiners is amazing stuff, and my wound dressing of choice. You could probably get away with just taping gauze over it now to keep the dirt out instead of wrapping the whole thing- if you can get it to stay in place.

  3. Barbed wire! A horse's legs, I am learning, are constant worries...

  4. Una solución para dejarle la herida al aire y que las moscas no le piquen, es hacerle unos pantalones, apropiados a su talla y morfologia.
    No se si ya comente, lo de la cura de una herida catastrofica en una burra por la mordedura de unos lobos.
    En aquellos tiempos no se tenian los medios actuales, pero se buscaban las mañas para solucionar los problemas.
    Le hicimos a la burra unos pantalones con sacos de tela, y las moscas no podian picar en la herida, sanando perfectamente, y el tratamiento solo fué natural, agua hervida con jara pringosa, para luego ponerles unos polvos de los que se usaban para la gusana de las encinas.
    Me alegra que la herida sane tan bien.
    Saludos de Gabriel.

  5. Incredible photos & incredible progress! Will hope for your continued success!

  6. It is great to see the progress, but, ouch, the bandage cuts look uncomfortable. We had a similar issue with a dog several years ago - she was in an external splint and I think the tape and wrap caused more pain than her broken leg. Maybe your vet will have a suggestion.

  7. Amazing progress! The wound is closing fast now.

  8. Have Faith Merri - my mare Cristiana had a horrific barb wire injury, she pretty much de-gloved her near fore, the stitches broke down and the wound was a real mess. The biggest thing is staying on top of the proud flesh - she recovered to being completely sound with a sizeable scar, but nothing like the size of the original wound. If you look closely at my profile pic you can see the scar on the inside of her near fore. Hope all heals well for you!

  9. That really is amazing progress!

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  11. I hate barbed wire, but as my vet says "the heal despite you" meaning no matter what you put on them they will still heal. I think just keeping it clean goes a long ways, it did for me. Plus try some Tea Tree Oil spray its called Tea Pro

  12. Whiskey has true empathy for barb wire injuries. One of the modern-day mountain men who I met this summer on the XP called barb wire "the tool of the devil."

  13. Isn't it amazing when we take time and see how healing is built in and when we need help believing we have Science, it's wonderful the partnership. Thank you for posting this, Love Josie

  14. Kid Curry, AERC Hall of Fame, had an injury like this at 5,000 miles and he came back after TLC and daily treatments to achieve his 9,700 milestone! Keep up the treatments and love!

  15. man that looks badbelieve this or noti use vit.e,petrolumjelly and sulfermix it to gether it really helps the healing my horse friends around could not how well and fast to but always check for proudfleshfirst and always old timer told about this