Sunday, September 25, 2011

North American Endurance Team Challenge

Sunday September 25 2011

A few photos from yesterday's 100-mile NAETC near Greenville, California.

The leaders coming into the first vet check up on the mountain.

Cheryl Dell's horse Reason to Believe took a tumble on the first loop. No ill effects - they ended up finishing 5th.

Trotting out for the vet at the first vet check.

71-year-old Jan Worthington and her cool horse Leon (Golden Lightning). They finished 11th.

Texan Darolyn Butler leaving the first vet check.

Romanian rider Radu Ciubuc leaving the first vet check.

Ron Brown leaving the first vet check.

Some of the leaders coming into the second vet check.

Christoph Schork on Stars Aflame (last month's AERC National 100-mile champions) and Doug Swingley (former 4-time Iditarod winner) on Pal of Mine in the lead coming into Vet Check 3.

The riders hot on the heels of Christoph and Doug.

One of the favorites, Lindsay Graham and Monk. They finished around 5th place... but got pulled at the finish for lameness. Bummer!

Ceci Butler-Stasiuk... she's unraveling her sponge to sponge her horse at the coming water trough and at the same time he's spooking from a line on the road!

Ceci - always happy riding! She wouldn't be doing anything else.

Doug Swingley, still leading on Pal of Mine into the 3rd Vet Check. They ultimately finished 4th.

Jeremy Reynolds trotting out A Kutt Above at Vet Check 3... the eventual winners.

The front runners charging into Vet Check 4.

Lindsay Graham and Monk at Vet Check 4.

Lindsay and Monk trotting out at Vet Check 4.

Lisa Green and her horse trotting out at Vet Check 4.

Jeremy and A Kutt Above, in a heart pounding sprint for the finish, just a couple lengths ahead of Meg Sleeper on Syrocco Reveille.


  1. As usual, your wonderful photos make me almost feel as if I am there.

    Love the spooking photo and it's an amazing capture. Just goes to show that even the top horses are still horses.

  2. Christoph did get pulled, after the 3rd loop I think (I'd have to check)

  3. I am inspired by Jan worthington, it gives me hope that there's still time for me to get back on the horse. Not sure about endurance, but, you never know. Terrific photos and post.

  4. Ah okay, too bad about Lindsey and Christoph. Great photos!

  5. How awesome. I am wondering what kind of saddle you use for this? Do you use an endurance saddle. If so which one?

  6. The photos have been great! Thanks, Merri.