Saturday, December 5, 2015

We're Not In Idaho Anymore

Saturday December 5 2015

Steph's in Heaven, I'm in Scottsdale. It's totally true for Steph, down south in the warm sunshine in the place of a cold Idaho winter.

Not complaining, mind you. Sure, I'd rather be wallerin' around in the snow and hoar frost, wearing 5 layers of clothes, but this is a nice road trip in a fascinating part of the country. And I'm sure glad I'm not here in the summer!

We got out on the horses today on a little corner of the 100,000 square mile Sonoran desert. Jose and I both enjoyed the scenery. He's spent a winter down here before. 

The Four Peaks of the rugged Mazatzal Mountains and wilderness line the eastern horizon, 

and the alluring Superstition Mountains and wilderness lie to the southeast, with Weaver's Needle poking up in the melee. Legends abound of lost gold (particularly the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine), and a hole that leads down to the lower world. 700-year-old cliff dwellings in the Tonto basin, between the Mazatzals and Superstitions, leave behind an intriguing mystery of a vanished ancient people.   

Jose and his desert reflection

Yep I like to hug trees, but I'm keeping my distance from this saguaro. 

Pretty much anything out here, you don't want to run into or touch, particularly the cholla!

this was a cool old monster. With the right conditions, they can live to be 150-200 years old.


  1. Welcome to Arizona! It's aa little warmer than usual right now, but that's one of the "joys" of living in the desert, I suppose. If you'd been here a week ago, it was ten degrees cooler. Do you have family here or just came to ride? I hope you enjoy your visit.

    1. Just spending some time riding with friends!

    2. Yeah, that can be a "bonus" to living here. Sometimes it's warm enough to wear shorts on Christmas Day, but a couple of years ago it snowed a week later. Yes, believe it or not, it can and does snow in Scottsdale.

  2. Looks like an amazing place. I do know you are one of the strange creatures who likes the snow and cold, but even you have to admit that sunshine is glorious. Keep on having fun.

  3. That sounds like fun. You make me want to pack up and head to Arizona. I wonder if there are any Bed and Barns.

  4. Sounds like a great trip during the cold weather season. We have about a foot of new snow today.