Wednesday, November 11, 2015

No Resting on Skinny Laurels

Tuesday November 10 2015

The endurance ride season around here is over till April, and Dudley has really truly trimmed down to normal horse size (!!!), but there's no resting on his skinny laurels. 
It's back to work for the Skinny Dude!

*I* was the one who tried to wimp out on riding this morning… 41* and blowing a tempest, with a nice crisp wind chill of 30*. Of course it's not the cold, but the wind that makes me whine. Dudley has no say in skipping a ride, but Carol could have nixed the idea, but she didn't get my whiney email in time. So, out we went.

Dudley doesn't do so great in the wind. Everything looks scarier, when bushes are whirling around and hiding Wind Monsters beneath them. Even August was a little jumpy on this cold and blustery day.

I was riding Mr Spookypants in the lead up the wash, and he was suspiciously eyeballing every dancing rabbit brush, starting at little brown birds, and he really jumped in fright when we startled a deer out of a nap. 

I brought the camera, to prove we rode on this cold day, and that Skinny Dude is not on winter vacation!


  1. I'm impressed! The bad weather, especially wind with cold, makes wimps out of all of us. Yes, it deserves a picture!

  2. You and the Dude are braver than Bo and the "old lady" and we are in Arizona!

  3. You're a better "man" than I. Cold and wind...I'm inside, wrapped in my fuzzy bathrobe. Well, after I take care of the horses, that is.