Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Who You Callin' Fat

Tuesday September 29 2015


A score of between 7 and 8, in between "Fleshy" and "Fat" ?!

That's what Dr Washington marked Dudley for a body condition score at the vet-in for the 55-mile Lost 'n Lava endurance ride. (Please note Dudley's excellent pulse of 40.)

I was shocked. I was sure Dudley would at least be a "6," what with all his diet and hard exercise, and the fact he'd already completed five 50 mile rides so far this year (and 4 last year!).

Well. We showed him. We finished the 55-mile ride at Lost 'n Lava near Gooding, Idaho; Dudley pulsed down right away at both vet checks and at the finish; the 55-mile ride was the longest ride he's done; and I know he lost even more weight during the ride, enough to now be a "5", no matter what anybody else says. (Not that he has a complex or anything; he knows he's Hot Stuff.)

And while we're at it, I think some of the Body Score Conditionings should undergo a little revision.

Something like:

1. Seriously, Too Skinny
2. Greyhound
3. Thin
4. Lithe
5. Huggable
6. Voluptuous
7. Sexy
8. Carrying Some Extra Baggage
9. BlubberButt, Definitely Too Fat

I think Dudley looks pretty darned Huggable after his 55-mile Lost 'N Lava ride!

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  1. Your title and first photo cracked me up :)

  2. Hey, at least the comment wasn't for the rider. *VBWG* I think he looks great. Some horses are just "round" than others.

    I can still picture a world class jumper trainer commenting on the fitness of the horses in our clinic. He was talking about how important it was that a horse be fit for the sport. He chose my big TB---very "round" muscle build--to make his point. So he poked my guy's muscles and nearly broke his finger. "Uhm....well, not this horse, that's for sure." I always kept my Boys super fit....back in the day.

  3. Dudley is just perfect! Some horses are just big boned and gorgeous and Dudley absolutely knows this and knows he is "Hot Stuff."

  4. I like your scale. Dudley looks huggable to me.
    A vet at Strawberry called Coco "fluffy", meaning a little on the heavy side. Huh. I was insulted!