Monday, April 13, 2015

The Most Beautiful Horse On The Planet Turns 24

Monday April 13 2015

Who cares who's running for President (seriously, we have to start listening to this stuff already??), who cares if the globe is warming (I could've told you that years ago - I'm always hot), who cares what the market does today - this should be the 'round-the-world headlines for the day: The Most Beautiful Horse On The Planet Turns 24.

Beloved Stormy: former racehorse, pack string leader, dude ranch wrangler horse, lesson horse, local handyman, trail marker, lawn mower, model cover boy - he turns 24 years old today.

It's been 18 years since that first year he looked at me from his stall at Emerald Downs racetrack in Washington, 15 years since he first owned me; from Washington to the forests of the Sierra Nevadas and the Mojave Desert in California, to the wilds of Owyhee - we've had some good adventures.

He still hates being brushed; he still loves to stuff his mouth with carrots till they spill out the sides; he still enjoys a wicked sprint down the canyon at the head of the herd now and then; he still nickers at me when he sees me walking out in the pasture. And day-um - he's still just knock-out gorgeous.

I just love this Thoroughbred.

Happy Birthday Stormy!


  1. He is a beautiful boy. My "most beautiful" turns 25 this year.

  2. Happy birthdayStormy! May you have many more years to warm Merri's heart.

  3. Happy Birthday Stormy
    From Bo Tucker

  4. Happy Birthday you gorgeous boy! He is a very special horse and I hope you and he have many more years together.

  5. He's a beauty that's for sure! Best of Birthday's to your guy!

  6. Happy Birthday, Stormy, you big beautiful boy!