Monday, December 1, 2014

Just Ride - No Matter What

Monday December 1 2014

I guess I’m lucky in a way that Dudley is in a constant battle with corpulence. It means that no matter what, he’s still got to have diet and exercise - in the summer, in the winter, and every day in between.

But when you’re riding a big beautiful horse in Owyhee in the winter (the best season of the year), that’s all for the better.


  1. He keeps you warm and you keep him warm! Lovely image!

  2. I'd rather ride in cooler weather too. I hate the summer. Dudley is adorable even if he is a little weight challenged. I have one of those too, Blue. I swear he gains weight on the air he breaths!

  3. Far from our best season! But - yes - it feel's so great to be out there!