Monday, December 29, 2014

A Staggering Murder of Crows

Monday December 29 2014

It’s the best kept spectacle secret around Seattle.

Thousands of crows (a group of crows is known as a “murder”) fly in to this spot near Bothell, Washington, to roost each night, particularly in the winter. One estimate was about 10,000 crows, but it sure looks and sounds like more. They start streaming in from all directions about an hour or so before sunset, and they spend another hour or so changing roosts and picking up last-minute snacks and generally shrieking as much and as loudly as possible. It sounds like round waves of cheers at a Seahawks game, just as deafening, only much more piercing.

The roost is in and around an office park and a creek and wetlands. At dark, you wouldn't know there's a single crow around because they've finally all gone to sleep. Come morning, they disperse in all directions for the day, then come back to roost again at night. It’s a spectacular, unbelievable sight, and a gloriously raucous ruckus to behold!

The video will give you a taste:

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  1. That's an amazing amount of crows in one spot. Hope you were wearing a hat or a splatter shield of some kind! Wonder what the cars in the office parking lot look like?

  2. We have crows and ravens roosting in woods near us, but not these numbers - maybe about 100. Spectacular murder.

  3. This is gorgeous! We get several hundreds that come in to my big old oak tree once in a while, and they actually make so much noise you can't hear on a telephone when they are here. A biker friend told me crows are the spirits of dead bikers. Awesome!