Friday, October 31, 2014

Ring My Bell

Friday October 31 2014

It seemed natural to want to teach Dudley a few tricks, since he's such a smart horse.

However, he's so smart, he's made up a couple of his own tricks. One is shoving a gate open (I unlatch the gate, say "OK," and with his nose he shoves the gate as hard as he can, swinging it open as far as it will go - he loves doing this).

Another one he debuted yesterday is ringing a bell for a treat. I am not making this up - he figured this out on his own!

Dudley already knew to stop and check out Connie's place - wait outside at her porch, look in her windows - to see if she's home, so he could get a treat.

Yesterday, he figured out, on his own, that if he rang her little bell hanging off her porch, she would give him a treat! I swear, he came up with this bell-ringing on his own.

See the video:

or link:

(and Connie posted later today: Well you have created a monster. I was sitting on the porch minding my own business talking on the phone blah blah, And here comes Dudley, and well he thought about coming up the stairs… Then proceeds to go ring the bell , not once but 3 different times and well I gave him 3 treats, and I would still be up there listening to Dudley ringing the bell and giving him treats, but fortunately his master Phinneas was hollering for him and he left on his own accord!


  1. too cute! Though that bell could get annoying pretty quick. "Fetch me my slippers, master!"

    My horse loves to shove open the gate too. It'll never win us a trail class, but I find it pretty handy.

  2. He is a funny horse, and very smart. You may have created a monster with the bell-ringing trick!

  3. Ha! I love it! Where's his costume, he could definitely go trick or treating.

  4. That is too funny! We way underestimate horse intelligence. Dudley is one clever boy.