Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dudley's Escort Services, LLC

Wednesday August 27 2014

Step this way, little lady, Dudley says to Smokey. I'll escort you down the trail.

Smokey is green-broke, learning the ropes of riding the trails.

Dudley is, well, The Dude, and while he can have his (exciting) moments on the trails, he performs his escort duties with aplomb as he accompanies Smokey along her future endurance trails.

Steph says Dudley is just following along, looking for something to eat. Well, Dudley is ALWAYS looking for something to eat, but in addition to that, he carefully watches over Steph and Smokey,

keeps a close eye on Smokey as they amble along,

keeps his cool when Steph works on carcass training with Smokey,

it's a giraffe carcass someone stuffed onto a sagebrush!
and just in general exudes casual calm, masculine confidence out in the wilds of Owyhee.

Not to mention the obvious - he's a knock-out gorgeous dude, a stunning creature to be seen out and about with.

Dudley is following in the hoofprints of Jose's Escort Services, LLC


  1. Good boy Dudley! You sure do have great riding country.

  2. Dudley is "The Dude"! What a handsome boy. I'm sure Smokey enjoyed his attentions!!

  3. Nothing like taking a green horse out with a trailmaster...The Dude seems to suit the title to a T.

  4. I love Dudley! He's a very special guy and such a great guide. You better watch out he doesn't start charging for his services. Then again I guess you could always pay up in hay and treats.