Friday, September 5, 2014

Peeping Dude

Friday September 5 2014

Sometimes Dudley has a free choice day - he gets to choose the trails we ride. This particular day, he chose to come back down our home canyon, and halfway down, since he never forgets the location of a food source, he chose to detour past Connie's house. Connie wasn't home, but he didn't know that. What he DID know, is that when Connie IS home, if he waits long enough, (and if I call to her to come out), she will come outside bearing horse treats.

The Dude walked up to her house, and waited for her to come out.
 He stood there and looked around and waited, and waited…

And when she didn't come outside, he walked up to her porch and waited…

and when she didn't come outside, he walked up to the windows and checked to see if he could see her inside.

He finally realized she wasn't home, so, disappointed, he ambled on homeward.

Don't worry, he got plenty of treats from me to ease his disappointment!


  1. That's hilarious! I've seen riders peeping in my windows, but never a horse. Although one time I left the sliding glass door open and one of my mares tried to walk inside.

  2. What a clever boy. Love the pictures of his story.

    Reminds me of my horseshoer's dog. I play fetch with him every time he comes to visit and I'm home. (Border Collie...explains it all.) When I'm not home, he sits on the step of my back porch the whole time my shoer is here....shoer takes pictures and sends to them me....waiting for me to come out to play.

    I like the fact that Dudley has the good sense to check out the windows, porch, etc. just to make sure Connie wasn't hiding somewhere. *G*

  3. LOL! "I" wasn't home :-) I let Farah choose our trails from time to time & just like Dude, she does remember her favorite grazing spots & water holes :-) I now have Linda's horse Count "trained" too - we take a potty break & he's in my face waiting for a treat! :-)

  4. He's a riot. Love that he made sure no one was home by checking out every conceivable place she could have been hiding with the treats.

  5. oh my gosh - so cute!! they never forget, do they :)

  6. I am so sorry Dudely i was not home that day to give you a treat , but i was the next day you stopped by!!Come see me on Halloween and I will have something special if you wear a costume! xoxoconnie

  7. another example of horses having emotions ,scientists