Monday, July 28, 2014

Wild Boys

Monday July 28 2014

Something about Duran Duran gets your blood pumping - it's OK, you can admit it. For some reason, their songs seemed the perfect fit for my video of the Eagle Extreme endurance ride in June. Steph rode Batman, and I rode my pal Jose. And of course The Raven rode along, as he does every endurance ride.

While there's actually nothing wild about Jose and Batman and The Raven, the Wild Boys flew along the trails, danced into the sunrise, gave us another fun ride.

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  1. Love duran duran, but sadly cannot watch your video because the music belongs to SME: (

  2. I love this to music! I had never heard this song before! How perfect! The photography is amazing too!

  3. I can't get over how different our riding terrain is :-) You out in the wide open - no problem training for speed. Me in the forests, good hill work :-) Wish I could saddle up - but the mare in the trailer, blink my eyes & unload @ your place for a ride! :-)