Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Drive in the Park

Wednesday June 11 2014

"He's like a big goofy kid," Jan McEnroe said of her 10-year-old, 17-plus-hand Saddlebred named Strider, as he pulled us along in the cart. "He's always looking and thinking. Which isn't always a good thing!"

You could feel Strider's enthusiasm, and power, as he pulled us around the arena. The enthusiasm was contagious. I used to drive a carriage in Seattle over two Christmases - it brought back some fond memories of my great partner-in-harness Slim.

Jan and John are members of the Treasure Valley Whips Carriage Driving Club, which sponsored this driving competition at the Idaho Horse Park in Nampa.

Got a 17-hand horse? Got a mule? Got a miniature? All you need is a cart, and you can have some fun. (But make your equid is bomb-proofed first!)

Drivers and their horses performed in dressage, cones, and the marathon. Some drivers took it very seriously, some looked very elegant, some had a great deal of fun. One driver and her 'navigator' were giggling all the way through the water obstacle in the marathon portion. Jan and John and Strider just plain had fun.

Here are a few shots from the fun 2 days.

Strider and Jan. Isn't he terribly handsome?

Strider and Jan driving the cones.

Jan and John headed out on the marathon.

Navigator John pointing the way!

This lady and her horse were so elegant. I took lots of pictures of them!

This awesome hackney pony caught my eye both days. All business, but you could tell she was having fun too! Her driver and navigator were grinning the whole time.

A handsome pair in hand

Just terribly cute

These ponies are awesome. If I ever get into driving, it will be a horse this size!

This mini would not go in the water!

Well done!

Double the fun!

Who wouldn't like to drive this lovely pair of Fjords?

A gorgeous pair of warmbloods (Dutch and German). They were often in perfect synchronized step.

More photos are here:


  1. Fun post! I recently took a two day driving clinic and had a blast!

  2. Beautiful horses! It looks like a lot of fun. I'd love to do this someday.

  3. Fantastic photos of gorgeous horses and great looking people! What fun!