Thursday, May 22, 2014

She LIKES It When She's Good

Thursday May 22 2014

I've been the conditioning jockey for J.T.'s beloved mare Sunny, while he's away being a Presidential Innovation Fellow in Washington D.C.

We all call Sunny "Special" - for various reasons. One is that she can get a little wound up during rides - training rides and endurance rides. She's a Shagya, but I call her a 'gaited horse' - as in she can cantalope, trotalope, trollop, jig, be-bop, jigalot, jigalope, and pogo stick her way down the trails, which can, at times, be most uncomfortable for the rider. (See Three Dinks to get what I mean.)

Today I had the best training ride on her, ever. I even looked down a few times to make sure it was actually Sunny that I was riding. She was relaxed, comfortable, only cantering and trotting and walking - not jigging - actually sauntering down the trail. Wow - just - wow. I am sure she likes it so much better when she's good.

Tomorrow I'm riding her on Day 1 of the Owyhee Fandango. If she keeps up this astonishing calm and smooth way of going, I may not let J.T. have her back when he gets home!


  1. Don't you just love it when they surprise you. Good girl Sunny.

  2. What a good girl. When she's in the mood, that is! We can all be a bit like that!

  3. nice pics Mer , I missed the rattle snake as you all moved it a way . i was in my own comfortable bubble, called TURTLE, well with 2 others ,, a shared bubbble