Monday, October 14, 2013

Owyhee Harvest Moon - Day 1

Monday October 14 2013

Seven weeks after surgery is much more better for riding a 50-mile endurance ride (or, 3 of them in a row!) rather than 4 weeks after surgery.

We put on the first 3-day Owyhee Harvest Moon endurance ride, and I got to ride Batman all 3 days - and I made it through all 3! I was pretty whooped after day 1, but, just like the horses usually do, I felt stronger, and less tired, each day. Funny how that happens.

Batman felt like he could have easily gone on and done another week or so, and I could have too. And Batman was one of 4 horses to finish all three days - and he got overall Vet's Choice! Which is only fitting, since he's such a superhero (except when he's scared of things, which is only occasionally.)

Here are a few photos from Day 1.

It's The Raven's first time to ride Batman - whose real name is Ravenwood Dark Desire - a fantastic coincidence or what!

Shadows at the start

Following Steph and Rhett into the always spectacular (but particularly in the fall) Sinker Canyon
(top picture is in Sinker Canyon also)

Batman is particularly alarmed at this 'plane crash' in the desert. It's actually an old washer/dryer combo that somebody must have blown up with a bomb. Batman was afraid somebody was in the wreckage and he was needed to rescue them.

Coming out of the Birds of Prey Badlands

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  1. I knew it would be hard to keep a good gal down. Great photos!