Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Moab Canyons Endurance Ride Day 2: Just Magnificent

Tuesday October 29 2013

More photos of the spectacular trails, on Day 2 of the Moab Canyons endurance ride.

Jose gawking at the scenery (just like I was doing!) at his favorite place - the highest point.

Leading down a steep hill from one canyon into the next.

Jose ogling the scenery some more - I mean, what else can you do in country like this?!

See how high we are on this mesa on loop 1? On loop 2 we will be on a trail in that valley directly below us (Jose spotted the horses), going all the way around that massive Lost World Butte on the left.

Coming into the vet check below The Needles

Just - beauty. Gasp!

Weathered, rippled slickrock sandstone. We're headed for a shelf right alongside the cliffs ahead.

Lots of sand, from all the sandstone cliffs: white sand, pink sand, red sand, deep sand. Climbing out of the Lost World Butte valley.

Jose and The Raven had an awesome ride!

Steph had an excellent camera and got some rare photos of me!

Stunning cottonwoods along the Bartlett Wash

Climbing above yet another canyon on slickrock - easy going in the horses' rubber easyboots!

Pausing to let Jose gape. With his elf eyes, he spotted horses far in the distance.

I. Love. This. Country. I could ride among its mysteries forever. (Well... in fall and winter, when it's coolest!)

Possibly my favorite photo of me and Jose, anywhere, ever.

Climbing red slickrock beneath a gargantuan mesa.

More photos and a recap of the ride! at:


  1. Just gorgeous! Love your favorite picture of you and Jose too.

  2. All those photos are fantastic. Moab is on my bucket list.

  3. Don't mind me drooling in the corner over here...

  4. All of those photos are fabulous but the one that took my breath away was the shadow photo!

  5. The second photo (of jose) and the cottonwoods are my favorites. What beautiful scenery! We missed out by not riding Day 2. Maybe next year.

  6. Buenas montaƱas y bonitos paisajes.
    Saludos de Gabriel.

  7. hey, we sure enjoyed riding with you and Steph on day 1 and letting us hound you with questions all day and night.
    Read your AERC City of Rocks report and was awed by the list of legends and lack of dandies:) Great action shot at the finish!
    Re. your non fiction efforts, "truth is stranger than fiction".
    I loved the line in the novel [ok there are exceptions] All the Pretty Horses x McCarthy, when the judge said, "Son, I believe your story because nobody could make all that up."