Sunday, November 13, 2011


Sunday November 13 2011

It's one of the best treats of autumn - besides the deliciously welcome cool weather: the fall colors that festoon the earth with otherworldly colors.

In the Owyhee desert, the canyons are usually embellished with bright yellow cottonwood trees and maroon quailbush. This year, though, the fall colors have been drab. Half the trees' leaves turned brown before fall ever got here. The colors that did show were short-lived. Maybe it was the abundant rain that fell in the spring and early summer, and the excess growth that couldn't be sustained in the late summer and fall. (My theory, anyway).

So, for a brief intoxicating immersion of autumn, I migrated further northwest, where the rain falls, the moss grows thick, and the colors are in full stunning swing.


  1. Autumn is my favorite season, then a close second is spring. I love everything about Autumn. The cooler weather, the colors, and no.bug.riding!

    Our colors are still hanging on here in Southern Ohio. Though after todays 40+ MPH winds I doubt there will be any leaves left.

  2. Beautiful....I love the fall and I'm lucky to live in an area that has beautiful color every year. As of yesterday we are pretty much leaf free!

  3. My favorite too! Have spent some gorgeous mornings just taking photos! Now that the wind/rain has returned - most of our color has disappeared onto the ground.

  4. Colors here have been a little spotty too. The weather has not been kind to nature's regular patterns. I think our snowstorm triggered much of the leaf color change....

    Pretty pics.

  5. Love the fall colors and the beautiful horses. The vines are turning red here in the Napa Valley- very pretty.
    Andree-the Raven Maven