Sunday, August 28, 2011

Never Thought I'd...

Sunday August 28 2011

...get to drive a 3-Mule Team pulling a covered wagon over the original Oregon Trail!!...

There will be more about the adventures of Rinker and Nick Buck

and their near-2000 mile journey, driving their 3-mule team pulling an old restored covered wagon, over the Oregon Trail from St Joseph Missouri (they left May 14th) to Pendleton Oregon, where they'll end up for the Pendleton Roundup September 14-17.

More, that is, after my foray with Steph and Regina back to City of Rocks and the Albion Mountains to scout more trail for next year's City of Rocks Pioneer Trails Endurance Ride!


  1. How incredibly cool! Lucky you!

  2. Wonderful photos! It must be fantastic to ride with mules. I once read about a man who lived around 1900 in France. He was slightly strange and thought he was a family member of a Marshall and advisor of the king, that's why he had his hair as if it was a eighteenth century wig. He also had a cart pulled by six donkeys. Crazy story, sorry! I had to think of it when I saw your pictures.