Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rinker Buck Teaser

Friday August 19 2011

This is Owyhee County, where odd things sometimes happen, but it's not every day that you meet someone named Rinker Buck driving a 3-mule hitch wagon

with his brother Nick and his daughter Paper and a jack russell along the Oregon Trail from St Joseph Missouri to Pendleton Oregon who gets hit by a truck

and is still full of humor

and gives me a ride on the wagon behind the mules on an airstrip.

Do you detect a story?

You would be right, there is one coming!

***This is a re-do of my last post. Some of you mentioned not seeing the pictures - that's because the server they're on went down. It's temporary, but shows me I need to be posting my pix differently.

And I might as well fess up, the hour+ of interview I did with Rinker on my digital recorder is... gone - as in GONE. It was a crushing blow when I discovered that today. Exactly why I don't like using the damn things. Taking notes is distracting, but I would have had more than I have now! Anybody have a photographic memory for sale?

Well, he's supposed to be coming back this way after the Pendleton Roundup in September - where he plans to end his wagon journey and sell the mule team, and he hopes to be able to ride with us over the possible sites of the Utter Disaster that we ride over on the Oregon Trail in our endurance rides. He's writing a book on the Oregon Trail, hence his idea of driving a wagon along the Oregon Trail (and on it, when possible), from St Joseph, Missouri to Pendleton, Oregon.

I'll just have to interview him again! Or slip out more teasers along the way when something jogs my memory.

There will be more, soon!


  1. This is awesome! Where were these photos taken?

  2. That's bound to be an interesting story. Too bad about the recording, maybe if you start writing you'll remember most of it?

  3. Jodi, these pictures are in and around Murphy, Idaho. Shirley - I'm trying!!!!!

  4. I'd like to ride with him, when he comes back from Pendleton. Sounds like a fun time! That photo of the truck is very frightening. Somebody should have taken the license plate. I'm surprised the mules didn't have wreck when it hit them.