Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cheap Thrills No Frills Day 1

photo by Steve Bradley!

Saturday June 25 2011

Top photo - Me and Jose: another completion, and 990 miles together! Still holding our breath for our ride tomorrow.

Booby Rock!

So much water in the desert!

Great Owyhee skies.

Jose enjoys the great scenery.

Intruder Canyon notch.

Climbing the Hart Creek knife ridge.

Five more miles to go!

Nance and Quinn: Quinn reaches 3000 miles today! (Not to mention 2 Tevis buckles).

Linda and Ted (Stormy's buddy) finish Ted's first ride!

Frills for Jose and the boys after a hard day's work.

Frills for the riders - the best pot luck dinner ever!

No Frills ride awards for participants!

More No Frills - John and Robert the vet get the Hoedown on!


  1. Looks like a wonderful time for all.

    10 miles to go for Jose...just a walk in the park.

    You go, Guys!! I am rooting from afar!

  2. Wish I was there! GO MERRI, GO JOSE!

  3. Nice pair of rocks. Great photos, as always.

  4. Ok those pictures are enough to make me want to get involved... I think my Draft would fall over dead with exhaustion if I even MENTIONED 1000 miles of trails are in her future. hahaha

  5. there is nothing quite like galloping across the wide open!! Beautiful shot of you two....and congrats on the mileage!!

  6. Way to go cuz I know u had to finish today!