Monday, May 16, 2011


Monday May 16 2011

I can't believe I missed a Raven nest - practically in my back yard!

Just up Pickett Creek, barely 100 yards from the house, we saw a pair of Ravens flapping around a tree across the creek while riding by today. Connie said, "I bet they are on a nest!"

- A nest! Right there! In the fork of a cottonwood tree. With at least one youngster on it. Before the leaves busted out on the trees, it would have been easy enough to see, especially with Ravens flying in and out of it. I've walked and ridden past there enough I should have seen it. I am appalled!

I occasionally see 'Hoss' (with the unusually low voice) and his wife (with the unusually high voice) around here, sitting in the tree tops, flying around overhead, but I thought they were just hanging out this year, since I'm pretty sure it was that pair who lost their two babies last year (though it is almost impossible to tell Ravens apart).

I'd checked up Bates Creek on the old nest (that red tails are in this year), and looked further up Pickett Creek where red tails nested last year, and I even noticed several magpie nests this year along the creek, that I haven't seen in the 4 years I've been here - but I missed the Raven nest.

I really don't know what to say.


  1. Glad you posted photos. I have a pair of Ravens hanging in our pasture alot this spring. Now I know what to look for, perhaps I'll spot their nest.

  2. I had a raven 'encounter' Friday. I was riding alone in a pretty remote area up by Mt St Helens. I started hearing this really odd clacking sound.
    I'd just been watching a show about Bigfoot last week and the noise was really loud, and getting lounder and louder.
    I actually started to urge my mare to speed up so we could get back into the woods, and away from the animal making this alarming sound.
    Suddenly a large black bird burst around a thicket of trees, flying really fast and making the clacking/ocking sound. I had to laugh at myself as it had actually scared me!
    I'd never heard a bird make such an odd sound before.

  3. Seguro que esos cuervos se han acercado tanto a la casa, para ver a tu amigo el cuervo de tus amores.
    Y no te has fijado en el cortejos de esa pareja amiga.
    Un saludo de Gabriel.


  5. Raven's have been ruthless around here. I have to keep Junior inside all of the time now. In the last few days the Ravens rooted out a Crane's nest and killed the baby. Then rooted out a wild cats den and killed one of the kittens. It is horrible carnage. They aren't even eating them they are just killing them. Weird!

  6. Nesting ravens will kill and drive out any perceived is nature's way. I have a pair nesting for the first time in our giant oak tree. They are at war with the scrub jays which usually torment the other birds. I saw the rav...ens force a red tail to land on the ground last weekend ....they were relentless and on top of him. He was finally able to escape. As a member of the most damaging human species, I am not about to judge....