Saturday, November 13, 2010

Water Boy

Saturday November 13 2010

Were you one of those kids who like to play in the water? Couldn't turn down a water hose?

Jose's shown he likes water sprinklers and will cool himself down on a hot day, like here in September, and here in May of last year.

On this day, while I tried to spray a rug, he just couldn't help but come over to get himself sprayed. He's forever the little kid who likes to play in the water.

I wonder what he'd do with a Water Wiggle? (remember those toys?)


  1. That's so cute. We have one or two that love the hose and water too.

  2. Love it! He needs his own sprinkler to run through on hot days! *G*

  3. Funny! Jose is quite a character.

  4. What a character! Those sunrise pics are awesome, and I'm glad you had a great ride on Halloween.