Sunday, November 21, 2010


Sunday November 21 2010

This was the start, the other day, of this winter storm that's taking over the Northwest. We've had far less snow than predicted so far, but the Cold is coming.

I took a little hike today up the creek looking for owls - didn't see any (but likely, they saw me). It was only in the mid-20's (*F), and I had plenty of layers on, but my face was cold. I was cold. It's hard to believe that in two mornings it's going to be thirty degrees colder.

I hope the horses have grown enough hair!


  1. The cold wind has hit here but minimal snow. Stay warm!

  2. Mid-20s sounds DELIGHTFUL! Cold & wind together are brutal here the past few days--especially bad because we have been enjoying such an unseasonably warm Fall.

  3. Nature is beautiful even in its extremes. Not fond of winter, but it's time for the world to sleep and rest from all its growing.

    Do try to stay warm.

  4. Wow! I hope so, too. Apache is like a wooly sheep with her thick plush fur and it's not even been all that cold here.

    We have lots of wind, which is usual for us and makes everything so dry, but we haven't had our usual snow which starts in October.

    We got our first snowfall last night and it was melted as soon as the sun rose in the morning. And then the temps went back up into the 50s the rest of the day.
    I'm worried we won't even get a white Christmas this year and we really need the moisture. It hasn't rained since late August.

    Stay warm and enjoy the pretty snow,

  5. That is cold! The pictures are beautiful though. Stay warm and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Yes it is..... already having to fight with the dog for the heating pad. Love the snow.... just not on the road ;)

  7. I'm in denial. The woodstove is delaying the inevitable....the news said that Wed the high will be 20 here (low of 6)....sure hope they are WRONG! Stay warm!!!

  8. Hmmm...just the opposite here, the HEAT is coming! Had 42 degrees C (112 F) a couple of days ago. Looks like a long, dry summer ahead.