Thursday, April 22, 2010

Owyhee Gold: Part I

Thursday April 22 2010

It's that time of year: gold babies on the creek, next door at Lost Juniper Ranch. Dad is the cremello stallion Stoney - LJ Owyhee Moonstone.

Two babies out, one yet to come. Meet LJ Owyhee Crystal and LJ Owyhee Flint.

LJ Owyhee Crystal: Look at those long legs!

Crystal playing with Nibs

LJ Owyhee Flint - look at those long legs!

Flint touched the hot wire and kept shaking and scratching his head to get rid of the sensation!


  1. Will they stay buckskins as they mature?

  2. Cuties, that's for sure. Wonder what their futures will hold.

  3. Carol of Lost Juniper Ranch says: Yes, they will stay buckskin. They do not have a grey gene. If they did they might go grey, like if the mother was grey. Stoney imparts a "dilute gene" to anything he is bred to. He is a "double dilute" and all he has is dilute genes, no color. So a buckskin is a dilute bay, a palomino is a dilute chestnut. A smokey black is a dilute black. Here is an interesting website explaining the whole thing:

  4. Those are lovely foals! Love the hiding-behind-mom's-tail photo.