Friday, March 26, 2010

Not My Mama!

Friday March 26 2010

Never mind Kazam looks not in the least, in color, size, shape, personality, and not to mention sex, like her mother Princess; but Smokey still sidled up to Kazam to try to nurse.

She's been weaned for 3 months, and has been hanging out with the (much) older boys since then, but she must have had an instinctive pang for her mama, and momentary loss of her senses.

Kazam set her straight right away.


  1. Maybe she was just thirsty after a day of playing. Anyway she knows now that Kazam isn't fooling around and means business, the soda fountain is closed...permanently.

  2. Love the "Baby face" afterwards. "I'm just an innocent little baby. Don't hurt me!" Lesson learned.

  3. Bonnie at 4 months old or so was so mad I put her up instead of tolerating her naughty kamikazi like mach ten flybys when
    I was riding mom in the arena that she literally stamped her little foot and went over to the elderly mare pasture buddy and tried to nurse agressively off Missy. Poor old gentle mare squealed and had to run to get away from the little brat.

  4. The gnashing, gnawing baby face is too cute. I notice my neighbor's little filly doing that with my mare over the fence sometimes. She's obviously telling Apache that she's just a little baby and means no please don't harm me. lol!

    Great pics, especially of Kazam. Crazy the angle she can kick from. Yikes!