Monday, March 29, 2010


Monday March 29 2010

A storm is coming. Gales ripping down the canyon, cold rain obliterating the Owyhees. Raindrops reach the next county before hitting the ground.

The horses turn tail to the wind and stinging rain.

Stormy and Kazam hunker down beneath the roof of the hay barn (while the new Texas horse paces the fence).

Rain, flash floods, snow, cold in the forecast the next few days. The radar looks a mess.

Looks like winter is giving a last gasp before bowing to spring.


  1. Just when you think you're out, here it comes again.

    We're getting torrential rains and wind right now into tomorrow. Enough!

  2. Winter is a stubborn one in my neck of the woods too. Hope your storm passes quickly.

  3. Even here in California the rain and wind has returned. It is supposed to be Spring already!!

  4. Last gasp, eh? Don't count on it. I'm sure winter has a few more surprises.

    Love the photos.
    I've got to go back more and find out about this Texas horse. hmmm...