Thursday, September 10, 2009

2009 AERC National Championships

Thursday September 10 2009

I always carry my riding helmet and chaps with me, because I just never know when somebody will have a horse for me to ride. I'd been roaming around ridecamp for 5 minutes this morning at the AERC Nat'l Championships when Lisa and Shel Schneider asked me to take a spin on the trail with them, to exercise their third horse. Sure!

I wouldn't get to RIDE ride, in the 100 miler on Friday, or the 50-miler on Sunday - I am here to take photos and report for - but a quick ride to preview the trail would be great. I did get to do the Patriot's Day 2-day ride here 3 years ago and the trails were lovely. And oh, Drew is a nice horse. Lisa will be riding him on Sunday - after she does the 100 tomorrow on PR Tallyrand. Shel will be riding Barney on Sunday.

It is the national championships here in the Plumas National Forest in the Sierra Nevadas outside of Greenville, California. The trails are in excellent condition, the riders are an enthusiastic bunch.

It's going to be hot - in the mid-90's. There are some top riders and horses here who will be going for a win, and many are here just to be here and ride and complete.

Should be a great ride, so saddle up, hang on, and stay tuned.

(This is the mule Murrtheblurr's butt. Says "If you can read this you are much too close!")

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